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river kwae and hua hin

semi-overcast 31 °C

hi everyone,
let's start where we left of...

we got up pretty early (05.30h) and got picked up to go to jungle rafts. We got on the bus and headed out of bangkok in rush hour (takes some time) and our first stop was at the river kwai (or in Thai Kwae) Bridge. Nothing much to see, but I did buy two dresses :) :) :) and we headed towards the war Museum and cemetry. Nothing much to explain, it was a Museum dedicated to the war and the ... yes cemetry with the war victims' headstones.
From there on we got dropped of at the pier to take our longtail boat to Jungle Rafts... lovely, magnificent, great, beautiful, awesome, amazing... anyone any other adjectives? big rafts drifting on the river (tied to the mainland, so we didn't wake up anywhere else then where we went to sleep), very romantic and gorgeous. We had our lunch there and then back on the boat to hellfire pass. Where again, we visited the Museum, this time dedicated to the POW's (prisoners of war) that built the death railway, and we could walk around a little piece of the authentic railway. 340 steps down and then 340 steps back up... exhausting in that heat! We headed back to the rafts for dinner and a show although we missed the show due to very bad headache on my part and exhaustion on Stefaan's part. We slept for 11 HOURS and the next day (20/11/09) we felt great again and I was even that enthusiastic that I took a cold shower!! (no electricity so no hot water... brrrrrr) We went into the jungle behind the rafts and visited the Mon Village. The Mon are people that used to have their own land but lost it during a war 350 years ago to Burma. Now a lot of them live in Thailand and the village we visited was actually kind of a Museum. The people living there were all Mon, but they replicated the way of living as before to show the tourists and all of it (including the rafts and some other hotels) are part of one company. Everyone who lives in the village works for the same company. They also had three elephants we fed and you could go for an elephant ride later if you wanted, but we didn't do that in the end. Afterwards we had some free time and lunch and then headed to the Tiger Temple... this was... very ... interesting...
There was a canyon where about 12 tigers were napping while about 15 tourists with each two guides were walking around petting the tigers and taking pic's, that is without counting the volunteers that were posted with each tiger to keep an eye on the tiger's movements. Do we believe the tigers are only napping and are so calm (not to say knocked out) because they are exercised twice a day and well fed at 1pm? We have our doubts, can a wild animal really be so tame around ppl??
We went back to the rafts for some free time and dinner. We also met another couple from Germany there and had some drinks at the bar afterwards with them. At the end of the evening we went looking at the stars from our sunbed on our "balcony-raft". When it got too chilly we moved to the shelter of the roof at our other terrace and layed in the hammock between the jungle sounds and plants.
Got up not too early (breakfast was only at 08h59 as our guide explained...) and enjoyed the sun till check-out time and headed back to the main pier for lunch at a local restaurant. And then.... Busride - trainride - busride - car ride ... 5 hours en route to get to where we are staying now... Anantara at Hua Hin :) ( car ride was by far the most enjoyable!! very comfy car with private driver -hihihihihi- with some cooling towels waiting for us in the car and fresh water) We had our dinner at the seaside restaurant (mjum mjum seafood, but not very thai... we got soup and expected it to be spicy with white pumpkin and some fish or chicken, but no sir, it was a bloody Bisque d'homard!!!but very mjum mjum too). Then we headed to the room for some earned rest (very tiring being driven around all day!!)
aahhh, we slept in :) headed for breakkie (HUGE breakkie buffet ... from french pastries over to japanese sushi and everything in between) and then headed to the lobby for some very important business. Booking the car back to the airport, our shuttle to go to the city and of course OUR FOUR HOUR PAMPERING MASSAGE TREATMENT THING :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then we went to the beach, the pool, we had lunch, we got sunburned and headed to Hua Hin for the nightmarket (yes shopping) and the internet... and so now we are here :)
So tomorrow we have on the program:breakfast, not getting more sunburned, light lunch, FOUR HOURS royal treatment, dinner, maybe hua hin, sleep.
The last day will be very relaxed (uhm... yes the other days were as well, but these are our holidays for smth): breakfast, pool, 15 min free massage, checkout and lunch, maybe thai cooking and fruit carving class (this might still be too exhausting, we'll see) and back to BKK for our flight at 23h20 back home ... :( vely vely sholt holiday :(

Oh btw: no pics again, but we'll upload them once home!

C U all later
Stefaan and Me

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first two days and already we feel at home!!!

semi-overcast 32 °C

Hiya !!!

A short summary of our first two days in crazy BKK (we won't be showing any pics just yet, coz the computer can't handle it!)

16-11: we arrived at BKK international airport and got our taxi to the hotel. Apparently we just arrived in rush hour and it took us quiet some time to get there through the traffic jams. Hotel is great, rooms are air-conned (phieuw). So we took a shower and headed up for our welcome drink on the rooftop bar... first time we experienced BKK-heat for real, and let me tell you... IT'S HOT!! We made our way down to the restaurant and had some kind of thai menu, we're still not sure what we ate exactly, but it was okay. And then we decided to go ahead and confront nighttime bangkok for the very first time and went for a 'little' walk. Anyway, we thought it was going to be a little walk. You know how some maps never give you a clue about the real distance... well we had one of those. It took us about 40 mins to walk to THE CORNER OF OUR STREET!!!!!!!!! But when we got there we treated ourselves to a well-earned drink on the balcony of the sheraton-hotel with a gorgeous view of the chao praya river :)

Next day we didn't get up too early and we got acquainted with the skytrain ... halleluja for the skytrain!! We visited the infamous Jim Thomson's house and afterwards made our way to Chinatown.
Chinatown is great, busy, smelly, crowded, crazy with mjum mjum food ;) always very important...

We then took the ferry back to central pier, the skytrain to our hotel and went wandering in Lumphini Park, where we met a HUGE lizard, two tortoise and loads of fish. In the evening we took a taxi to Soi Polo... or at least that's where we told the driver to take us, but no, he knew a better place apparently and dropped us a couple of streets from our destination with just a couple of words goodbye: "great seafood"!! We didn't wan't to stay there so walked to where we needed to be, luckally a local helped us on our way, coz we didn't even know where exactly we were! So we went to eat at the famous Soi Polo Fried Chicken, and again, mjum, mjum. Thai eat great food! And then we were of to the Suan Lum night bazaar for shopping (we didn't buy anything though, that will be for later).

Today we got up a bit earlier and headed to the Wat Phra Kaew and the grand palace, where we wandered around for hours. Had a 'light' lunch around the corner and headed back to the hotel with the ferry for some well earned rest at the poolside and some time on the internet.

Tomorrow morning the Jungle Rafts taxi is picking us up at 6 am and we will have vanished for 3 days coz there'll be no internet (no electricity, so it'd surprise us if there were any internet) We'll check back in when we're in Hua Hin, so you'll hear from us in a couple of days ;)

melissa and Stefaan :) :) :)

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almost gone....

a couple of hours to go

overcast 10 °C

Hi everyone...

As said in the title... only 3 more hours and we're off to thailand!!

just wanted to let you know!!!

C u later everyone!!

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